Count on our plumbing repair professionals based in Bossier City & Shreveport, LA

Can't Fix Your Clogged Drain?

You've tried to fish the blockage out, you've used drain-cleaning products and you've tried obscure online advice. Your drain is still clogged.

Robert Brown Plumbing LLC will help you by providing plumbing repair services. We've seen it all in Bossier City, Shreveport, LA and surrounding areas, including clogs caused by:

  • Pouring grease into your kitchen sink
  • Pushing excessive food debris into your garbage disposal
  • Letting hair build up in your shower or tub drain

Since 2003, we've been breaking up clogs like these, fixing fixtures and providing water leak repair. When you need plumbing repair services, call 318-747-4848 today to schedule residential or commercial services by an expert.

Count on us to repair lingering leaks

Count on us to repair lingering leaks

Is the sound of your dripping faucet driving you to distraction? Have you noticed dampness and mildew without a visible source of water? Whether you have an obvious leak or a subtle one, trust us to find and fix it. Contact us for water leak repair services right away.